How to Make your Own Teeth Whitening Gel at Home

Whitening your teeth is important in society in this day and age. People really value a beautiful smile that is white and bright. There are a lot of home remedies to whiten your teeth and even ways to make your own teeth whitening gel at home. 

Teeth whitening products are often really expensive or worse, damaging to your teeth. You could make your teeth extra sensitive and painful. You could even make your teeth more yellow by eroding your enamel down. Whitening with a cosmetic dentist is very expensive and you have to do it again and again. If you don't have the money to pay $1000 to whiten your teeth, there are other options for you.

If you want to avoid the pain and the cost of over the counter teeth whiteners, you can try a few different at home treatments. If you make a paste from lemon juice and salt, you can use this as whitening gel. This can be rubbed on the teeth to slowly wear down the dull color.

To make your teeth shinier, you can rub your teeth with the inner white part of an orange peel. This gives discolored teeth a bright shine. This is good to use in combination with other home whitening products.

Another simple and effective way to use products from around the house to whiten your teeth is bicarbonate of soda. If you combine it with a little bit of soda you can also use this as a treatment to remove surface stains from your teeth.

Dried and powdered bay leaves combined with a dried orange peel also acts as a great tooth whitener. You can make all these in your home from products you probably already have and won't cost you an arm and a leg.

You have to use these home remedies regularly for it to have any effect. And while it probably won't create the dramatic change that over the counter whitening or whitening at a dentist's office, it will save you the risk of enamel damage and definitely a lot of money.

So if you've ever wondered what kinds of things you could use to make your own teeth whitening gel at home, I hope these tips helped. These are simple things that are all natural and not harmful. They can be used exactly like whitening strips or whitening gel. If you use these in combination with whitening toothpaste and you take care of your teeth, you can maintain a whiter brighter smile.